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June 30, 2017

Being still - sitting  - gives us the opportunity to notice what is happening inside. When we observe the movements of our mind and follow our breath we begin to recognize ourselves as whole, strong beings, separate from racing thoughts and feelings that might otherwis...

June 28, 2017

Choosing self-care requires that we grant ourselves the authority to behave as if we matter. Try this - Give yourself permission to rest before you’re exhausted. 

June 10, 2017

Take the leap. You have already failed in a thousand big and small ways - you did not die. You learned, you adjusted, you kept growing forward. You found the courage to try again. Why not risk failure for something that really matters to you? Go ahead and launch your b...

June 3, 2017

Maybe the question looms large each time you try to step outside your box. Or maybe it is yet unspoken. Lodged deeply in your subconscious mind and blocking any bold ideas before they form into actions. No matter where the question is, for many of us it is there. Final...

June 1, 2017

“God helps those who help themselves”

  • This common phrase is not actually a bible verse.

  • It is intended as a way of encouraging initiative, but often functions as a way of shaming instead.

The real truth…if you don’t speak up for yourself, who will?

  • No one...

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