Self Care Is A Revolutionary Act

Slow down and choose to notice.

Maybe life isn't perfect, but certainly many moments are. Notice and savor. Slow down and revel in the sweet spots. They are a wonderful contrast to the times that bring up feelings of stress or overwhelm. Breathe deeply and savor sweet moments for any time self care. 

No feeling is final

A bad day or a setback need not send you to the fainting couch. Everything passes. Instead of mourning what could or should have been, take some time to be compassionate with yourself  - to be okay with what is - and then open yourself to be available for what is next.

Revolutionary Self Care

Accountability, Practice, Ideas and Support

Wild Flowers


21 days of personal support for your meditation practice.

Commit to Sit

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Barbara Gibson

Decatur, GA 30030, USA


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Self Care Is A Revolutionary Act


Decatur, GA 30030, USA

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